October 6, 2016

Privacy Policy Statement

Graphicsflood.com team takes special care of the protection of your data. On each visit graphicsflood.com team may obtain information of you for technical purposes. The following Privacy Policy informs you of this information.

When you browse and inquire, we automatically record your IP address, type of Internet browser used and cookie information. We use this information for the maintenance of our site, for statistical purposes to improve our services and for the purpose of promotional support.

For the use of certain services, such as the subscription to our newsletter or the online ordering, you will be asked for personal information, such as your email address, name, telephone number, billing details. You are not bound to provide this information however certain services can only be used following the full or partial provision of the required information. In the former case, the information is recorded in our database and is used for research and promotional-sponsorship purposes.

We use cookies to identify your browser. These cookies provide information about your online preferences regarding our site to provide you with a better experience and not to bother you with unnecessary information. Only graphicsflood.com can record this information. Other web sites will not be able to collect your preferences. Similarly, graphicsflood.com can only track browsing on its own sites and cannot and will not gather movements on other sites. Persistent cookies expire a maximum of two years after your last visit.

All the information is stored in a secure environment and protected by technical and organizational solutions from unauthorized access or disclosures.

Kind Regards:
Graphicsflood.com Team


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